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What it’s all about

Storytelling, Photography & Film-making LAB

Solomon LAB is a 6-month, tuition-free Storytelling, Photography and Film-making workshop for emerging young talents who aspire to make their way as new multimedia journalists. It aims to nurture each individual’s unique vision and approach to the medium of Photography, Video and Journalism, and teach them the essentials of each craft.

Twelve participants will be selected for an intensive series of workshops conducted by 3 professionals of each field. Through targeted theoretical and practical assignments, our workshops will inspire, challenge and motivate you to become more engaged in local community matters, and create stories that will have an impact on various social issues and phenomena.

LAB, and its team, actively supports engaged Journalism as our vision is bigger than simply providing content for an audience. Our main goal is to open an ongoing dialogue with the local community that will, ultimately, have an impact and encourage us to become more engaged members of our society. As diversity and inclusivity lie at the core of our vision, we believe that by ensuring them, change will be initiated and made across the diverse communities we live in and belong to.

Want to join our LAB?

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information:
Email: lab@wesolomon.com / Tel.: (+30) 210 821 7067
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Eligibility Criteria & Requirements

  • Good knowledge of English is required for all workshops
  • Priority will be given to non-professional photographers, film-makers and journalists
  • All applicants should reside in Athens
  • Full-time commitment is required during the 6 month duration of the workshop

The Selection Process

  • After the submission and evaluation of all applications, selected finalists will be called for an interview
  • Final decisions will be announced no later than the end of November 2018

Dates & Schedule

  • Classes will be held twice a week (Tuesday & Thursday, 17:00 – 20:00)


  • All LAB workshops will take place at Solomon’s offices (Athens, city center)


  • LAB is a tuition-free workshop, with no application fee needed

What we teach


The workshop offers an overview of contemporary storytelling and provides a toolbox with everything a journalist would need while investigating, writing or pitching a story. During the interactive seminars participants will develop a story idea, which should be ready to get published by the end of the workshop.


1. December 4, 2018
Introduction to reporting & Editorial brainstorming

2. December 6, 2018
Tools and techniques for investigative reporting

3. December 11, 2018
The essence of storytelling: part 1

4. December 13, 2018
The essence of storytelling: part 2

5. December 18, 2018
Visualized storytelling

6. December 20, 2018
Security for journalists

7. January 8, 2019
Stories presentation and wrap up

8. January 10, 2019
Pitching techniques and opportunities for journalists


These 3-hour courses are focused on enabling each participant to develop his/her own photographic narrative. We will be working under project-production conditions, by studying and analyzing the structure of storytelling, and will learn how to create and utilize the potential of photographic storytelling.


1. January 15, 2019
Introduction to Photography

2. January 17, 2019
Photographic Storytelling

3. January 22, 2019
Photographic Projects analysis

4. January 24, 2019
Contemporary forms of storytelling – Documentary screening

5. January 29, 2019
Photographing in the field

6. January 31, 2019
Editing and undertaking of the project

7. February 5, 2019
Organizing and editing project’s material

8. February 7, 2019
Finalizing the project


Film-making class will cover the creation of a short documentary from conception to completion. The participants will learn how to use their gear and editing software to create and tell a story visually. The class will also help them to manage and transcend any obstacle they meet during this process.


1. February 12, 2019
An introduction to film-making

2. February 14, 2019
Follow the story

3. February 19, 2019
Filming on the field

4. February 21, 2019
Filming indoors

5. February 26, 2019
Footage management and introduction to editing

6. February 28, 2019

7. March 5, 2019
Editing and extra shooting

8. March 7, 2019
Finishing the movie

Meet our Instructors


Elvira Krithari

Elvira Krithari is a freelance reporter and producer for Greek and foreign media. Her work has been featured, among others, in Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso, Athens Live, DeCorrespodent. In 2017 she was granted a full scholarship by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation to attend the Summer Investigative Reporting Course in Columbia University, upon the University’s selection. She is now pursuing a MA in “Environmental Governance and Sustainable Development”. She holds a Master Degree in “Digital Media and Interaction Environments” (‘14). She graduated from the department of Communication, Media & Culture, Panteion University (‘11).


Thodoris Nikolaou

I was born in Chalkis, Greece in December 1982. My first interaction with investigative journalism comes in 2007, in the newspaper TA NEA (Lambrakis Press Group). I specialize in social reportage, focusing on migration and socially excluded groups. Working for different newspapers, digital media and magazines I carry out missions in Greece and abroad, completing a series of researches and photography projects. For more than three years, I was studying and photographing Balkans, sponsored by the Onassis Foundation. Travelling in ten countries of the Balkan Peninsula, my first goal was the making of a narration which will manage to synthesize a common fate between the people. Meanwhile, I teach visual storytelling and I have a project in progress about mental health and social stigma.


Constantinos Stathias

Constantinos Stathias is a photographer/videographer based in Athens. He has been filming and photographing since 2009. He has collaborated with Greenpeace, MSF and other NGOs. He has also worked for independent productions and media companies like CNN Greece, CCTV and Xi Nhua news agency. In 2015 he worked as a photographer for the Metro magazine. He was member of the production team for the documentaries “Windbag of Aeolus” (2014) directed by Nasim Alatras and “A Christmas Story” (2016) by Kostas Pliakos. Constantinos has organised photography and video workshops and has a lot of experience in teaching.

Interested in
our training

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information:
Email: lab@wesolomon.com / Tel.: (+30) 210 821 7067

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