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Photo editing

by Mirsini Arvanitis   |  November 8, 2017

On the 2nd of November we conducted our last photo workshop session. This time the Lab students had the opportunity to receive an introduction into the Cue’s work by the Cue manager. As most important part of its work of creating media and communication contents for media organizations, NGOs or companies the Cue team is offering services like storytelling, photography, filming, design, social media and web development.

Before starting with introducing the participants to the use of different editing programs [mainly Photoshop and Lightroom] the trainer repeated again the main rules concerning the proper application of ISO, shutter speed and exposure according to light intensity, the depth of pictures and the selected focus. Besides the ‘golden ratio’ it was mentioned that the ‘rule of the thirds’ can be helpful, especially at the beginning, to get the feeling of how putting the image in the ‘right’ edges.The usage of editing programs was illustrated to the students by showing them in several examples how the colors of a picture can be made more intense, how to create a bigger light contrast into the picture or how to lighten up an image.

The students had the task to upload 5 pictures they have taken since they started with the photo course. During this session they had the chance to present their pictures to the class and receive constructive feedback and advices from the trainers as well as from their lab-mates. The participants had the opportunity to explain why they took exactly this picture focusing on a certain objective, playing with the light incidence or just capturing a random moment.

In the frame of a TEDx event that will take place next Saturday, the 11th of November at the Moraitis School, where Solomon is assigned to film the event, the Lab students will have their first practical engagement by taking pictures of the event. We are looking forward to working with them!


Mohamed Benghuzzi

// Chief Editor

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English translation by Gigi Papoulias
Photograph by Nadir Noori
Graphic design by Alexia Stamatelatou




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