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Video editing

by Mirsini Arvanitis   |   December 20, 2017

On the 14th and 15th of December we held our final Lab video workshop session. In our last workshop session the Lab students were introduced in the usage of a video editing program. The trainer instructed the Lab participants into an editing program, which is composed of similar features as a professional editing program, but more user-friendly. The first step includes creating an external folder with all video files one wants to merge. The video files can be accessed through the editor program.

The trainer showed the Lab participants how to merge different video files, how to cut out part of the video as well as how to add titles and further texts. The Lab students learned further how to extract audio – including music – from a video and how to add different audio. By detaching the music from the video one can for example use the music in a film sequence and to fade them in or out in the next film sequence.The trainer explained the Lab students that regarding the addition of music to the videos it is not allowed to download a famous song since one needs the permission of the respective music company. Furthermore, the speed of a video can be accelerated to create a suspicious atmosphere.

The trainer stressed the importance of the transitions in a film, whereby it is crucial to make the transitions while shooting a video and to use the transitions tools provided by the editing program only in case it is difficult to merge the video sequences. A filter can be used to intensify the color or the light of the video or to make a black-white movie as well as to split the screen in order to have different film sequences in one screen.

With the editing program session we finalized the theoretical part of the Photo & Video Lab and will start now with the practical part, in which the Lab participants will have the chance to apply the acquired knowledge by creating their own small photo and video projects.


Mohamed Benghuzzi

// Chief Editor

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English translation by Gigi Papoulias
Photograph by Nadir Noori
Graphic design by Alexia Stamatelatou




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