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Video Production

by Mirsini Arvanitis   |   November 16, 2017

After the four photo workshop sessions we continued with the first video workshop on the 9th of November. The workshop started with some introductory words of the Digital Media Manager of Solomon, Lia Paschaloudi about the work on social media, mainly Facebook and Instagram, as well as information about the future Solomon’s human rights campaign, which will be launched in the frame of the Human Rights Day on 10th of December.

The Lab students received information on the tasks they will have to carry out during the practical part, namely designing short photo stories based on several topics related to social inclusion as well as portraying a person of their choice. In the frame of the new-started video sessions the participants will arrange themselves to new pairs in order to get acquainted to other Lab-mates.

Aris Athanatos, the trainer for videography, began the course emphasizing that the knowledge the students acquired from the photo lessons builds the basis for obtaining videography skills. Besides the three core elements of photography [ISO, speed and exposure] an additional 4th element – the ‘frame’ – has to be added.

The frame is composed of individual picture elements. In moving pictures the number of frames scanned per second is called the ‘frame rate’. The higher the frame rate, the better is the sense of motion. The minimum of frame rate has to be 24 in order to avoid gaps between the individual pictures, while the shutter speed needs to be twice as high. In general a frame rate of 60 can be used to record videos by inserting – if needed – the slow motion retrospectively. In comparison with photography it can be stated that shooting a video can be perceived as a more simple technique since you can record from several angles for a longer period of time, while with the camera you have only one shoot to capture the wanted picture composition.

Before starting to shoot a video the Lab students learned how to set the desired frame rate, which will stay the same for the selected time interval, meaning that one has only to adjust speed, ISO and exposure according to the prevailing light conditions.

Having in mind the upcoming TEDx event, the trainer asked the Lab participants how they would prepare themselves for the event with respect to light conditions – while the speakers are illuminated, the audience stays in the dark – in order to get good pictures. Different ideas were proposed by the students, while the trainer was giving them advice on how the camera can absorb as much as possible light to brighten the audience sitting in the dark.


Mohamed Benghuzzi

// Chief Editor

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English translation by Gigi Papoulias
Photograph by Nadir Noori
Graphic design by Alexia Stamatelatou




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